In 2017 we welcomed 3 new families to our Charity.

Welcome to Priya, Sakshi and Rohit. Rahul, Sameeksha and Vikas. Anshika and Shristi

Priya, Sakshi and Rohit

Rahul, Sameeksha and Vikas

Anshika and Shristi


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Getting involved

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December 2018 saw Swami Nitya  visit the new children in Rishikesh.

She asked the children about their aspirations, shared cake, and then flew kites with them. The children are all doing really well, and much improvement is seen because of your help and support.  Read more about the successes on the children pages.

Swami and children

Swami Nitya also met with the head of the school in Orissa.

With him she learned more about developments in the school, and how plans for expansion are growing. See more on the School page

Swami and Head of school

Charity Aims

The Himalayan Children’s Education Project aims to prevent or relieve the poverty of children and young adults, who have association to the Himalayan Tradition in India, by providing or assisting in the provision of education, training, healthcare needs and other necessary support designed to enable individuals to generate a sustainable income and be supported into adulthood. The majority of our children reside in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Our Children

In March 2009 Swami Nitya started to raise funds and awareness of the plight of two children in a remote village in India. Their father was a student at SRSG, an ashram that’s part of the Himalayan Tradition in Rishikesh, and his request for help in realising the dream of a good education for his children touched the hearts of many donors. The project has grown, as the plight of other families has come to our awareness we have pledged to help others. The Himalayan Children’s Education Project is now supporting fourteen children of various ages, ensuring they have funding for education, uniforms, books, transportation to school and healthcare. We also support a fantastic school in Orissa.


Puja and Ganesh

Trustee with girls from the school

Girls from the school in Orissa

Anupama from Orissa

Shubhalaxmi, from Orissa

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