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Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati

Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati

Chair person

Swami Nityamuktananda belongs to no organisation, what she does is who she is. As a Swami she has her roots in the Tradition of Himalayan Masters. She has been teaching for many years and learning for even more. She has lived in many countries across the globe experiencing real life, learning from many traditions and cultures. She has travelled through many pathways of Spiritual Wisdom, from Indigenous traditions, to quantum theory and beyond. In all aspects she brings her experience and deep research to widen the perspective of the reader or listener. Her animated and engaging style captures all who hear her speak and comes across in her written work. She humbly shares her wisdom and offers non-judgemental, impartial counsel.


How it began

The work started in 2009 when a student wrote to Swami Nitya describing his wish to provide his son with an education in an English medium school in order to give him a chance at a better future.    Funding such an education was far beyond the means of the student at the time, for the family was living in a poor, rural area.

The father’s plight to provide his son with an education, and his own dedication to his studies and future caught the attention of Swami Nitya and she started to raise money as she travelled the world teaching.  Sufficient funds were raised to allow that when Swami became aware of a daughter who was severely unwell, she was able to offer assistance with medication and the provision of an education.

These two children have grown and flourished in the fold of a loving family, supported by grants from the project for school fees, transport, books, uniforms, shoes and medicines.  Both children have studied for and passed the entrance exams to a selective secondary school, and have become involved in many aspects of life in the ashram since moving there by invitation of Swami Veda.

We now have 7 families that are provided with grants to enable them to educate their children, 5 are living in Rishikesh, 2 are living in rural villages in Orissa.

In 2012 we pledged to work to raise funds for a girls school that is located in a rural village in Orissa, there are more details about this project on the girls school link and in the newsletter section there is an account of the visit by one of our trustees in 2013. This project is a fantastic way for us to support a local project that is aligned with our aims but has an understanding of what is needed in a rural region not to just improve the education and lives of the students but to give back into the development of the local communities.

Himalayan Children’s Education Project provides grants to provide education, transport to school, uniforms, shoes, books, medical care and other essential sundries to 14 children. Given the great level of poverty still present in parts of India, despite its rapid development in and around the major cities, we aspire to not only secure funds to enable us to provide grants to these children throughout their journey to adulthood but also to be able to provide for other children that are known to the Ashram or members of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition.

Providing the funds and materials necessary for a good standard of education allows these children to have a childhood, to dream and have aspirations for the future, and equips these children to grow into adults that are able to provide for themselves, provide for their families, and to inspire and provide within their small communities.

Given the increasing size and duration of the support pledged and the great need for increased fundraising to help other children in difficult situations, it was recognised that there was a need to ensure that the future of the project is secured. This led to the projects position being formalised such that we now have a board of trustees to support Swami Nitya in her work, a constitution, became HMRC registered in 2012 and registered with the UK Charity Commission in July 2014.

Any help you can offer is appreciated, no matter how small it makes a huge difference to these children. For more information on how you can help visit our fundraising page


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