Cecilia and Simon

Simon and Cecilia are sweet and unusual children.  They come from the tribal area of the North East of India, above Bihar. In this context tribal simply means that they are part of the original people of India. It is a very poor part and so often the husbands go to ‘India proper’ to get work. The father of these children came to Rishikesh to help build Ma Tureeya’s ashram. Ma Tureeya is a Swami in the Himalayan Tradition, but also a Catholic Nun. She has a Christian ashram.

The father of the children was especially hard working and made a good impression on her, so she invited him to bring his family. His wife, the children’s mother is now the cook at the ashram.

The children have a big problem as they grew up speaking a different language. They learn the lessons in school by heart and can recite it all, without understanding a word!

Never the less Cecilia got straight A’s in the recent exams, and Simon got A’s and B’s all the way through (he excels in art and Sanskrit; amazing especially since until not long ago learning Sanskrit was forbidden for all but male Brahmin Indians). You can see what remarkable children they are.

Ma Tureeya  was helping them to understand, i.e. teach rudimentary “language” everyday, that is how Swami Nitya came to meet them.

Now there is an additional aspect; as so many times in India.. the girl is weak and sick and needs at this stage much medical care to help her into health and well being. We have helped! You can see from their photos below how remarkable their change is, once they got medical care, and proper food. And go to good schools, with extra tuition.



 Cecilia is doing really well, she was confident to talk in Hindi and even some Eglish. She wants to a doctor. Currently she’s in 3rd Grade.


Simon is in 5th Grade, he likes Hindi, and is good at Maths.  He’s excellent at making things, and when left to his own devices, he will build useful things from scrap and used things he finds around the place. Perhaps an engineer in the making?

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