Priya, Sakshi and Rohit

Indra and her husband Narendre migrated to Rishikesh from Nepal in the 1990’s. Narendre is a stone mason and works hard to support Indra and their three young children, Priya, Sakshi and Rohit. They initially settled in a rather remote and lonely area of the district where they rented a small modest room at an affordable rent.


Indra retold of a devastating, but not uncommon tragedy that struck the family in 2010. She was taking the family washing down to the river when she became aware that her eldest daughter, Priya, (about four years old at the time) was no longer following close behind. She left the washing on the river bank and retraced her steps; Within a few minutes she found Priya lying in some bushes tearful and traumatise.. It was 3 long and difficult years before the boy convicted of the crime was finally sentenced.

Priya, with the support of her family, has made a good recovery. It was a terrible time for the whole of the family, but made Indra and Narendre even more determined to secure a better future for all their children. They moved closer to the Ashram in Rishikesh and Indra has taken on work as a maid in a nearby home.


While the family is happy and stable, their income is still very modest. It covers their basic needs but is not enough to fund the increasing costs of a good education for all the children.


The girls are currently in an English medium school for the poor next to the ashram. Rohit has one more year before he finishes junior school, and then he is hoping to start at the good senior school in the district.


Sakshi is in 4th Grade, she wants to me a model. But perhaps a part time model and full time teacher. She loves playing with her dolls.


Priya is in the 6th Grade. She loves singing, and wants to be a Bollywood singer. Her mum says she's a bathroom singer!


Rohit is in 8th Grade. He's an artist and that's what he wants to go to Art School. He's not so good at maths, by his own admission, but loves building Lego.

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