Puja and Ganesh

Puja and Ganesh are where the project started. Swami Nitya met their father Pramod at SRSG in Rishikesh. She saw that he was studying and working hard to make ends meet. He was a promising yoga student, and has now a Very succesful teaching school in Tapovan. However, he had brought his wife and two children with him, and schooling was hard. Puja was not a strong child and was rarely seen.

The project began to help Pramod educate his children, and over the years they have gone from strength to strength. Taking some of the financial burdon of education has meant the whole family, and indeed the community has benifitted.

Both children are endearing, affectionate and polite. Always willing to help, and speak in English as much as they can.

Puja is now in Orissa at a college for girls studying a special science that is not available locally in Rishikesh.


Puja has become a strong and beautiful young woman. Following her dream to become a doctor.


Ganesh is doing exceptionally well at school. He has a good sense of humour like his father, and enjoys riding the family Scooter!

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