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The Children

It is truly amazing to see these children, from the simplest and poorest backgrounds, developing such abilities when given the chance!

We have 7 families  with 14 children between them, under our wing.  These families are working as farmers or labourers in regions that have little work and poor farm land.  That these families are eager to educate their daughters and sons is exceptional given the culture they are living in and their financial circumstances.  We are enthusiastic about supporting these families and working hard to keep communicating and reporting on their amazing success. Some of parents have moved away from extended family in order to find work. It’s not always started as a successful venture, finding themselves in unknown places without family support. In our small way, we have helped provide a better life for the whole family.

Providing the funds and materials necessary for a good standard of education allows these children to have a childhood, to dream and have aspirations for the future, and equips them to grow into adults that are able to provide for themselves, provide for their families, and to inspire and provide within their small communities.

Any amount you feel you can donate, will help immensly in the lives of these children

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