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Nava Prabhat Public Charitable Trust The Girls School

We have pledged to help support a girls school in Western Orissa, the Nava Prabhat Ashram.  The school is being set up parallel to an established and successful boys school run by Bhagaban Dev, a very pure man and disciple of the Himalayan Tradition.

The boys school has been providing education for children from families that would not normally have enough money to provide and education for their sons.  The curriculum includes English, Sanskrit, and also care of livestock and agriculture to ensure that they are able to progress their communities.  The modern school education is provided along with Traditional Indian teachings including Yoga and Meditation.

Educating girls is not a priority for people from the poor rural communities surrounding the school, however the education of girls will impact and progress these communities for generations to come.  In such a traditional region it is essential that the girls are ‘protected’ and it is unthinkable that they attend classes within the boys school.

Baghaban Dev started the girls school in 2012 and had an intake of 8 students (seen in white in the picture above).  The girls were originally educated in a cottage that had been built to accommodate guest teachers within the campus of the boys school.  As you can see from the photo the conditions were cramped and far from ideal for learning.  Additionally, many of these girls are vulnerable in their home life and ideally they would be able to board whilst attending the school.  At the moment the school can only admit girls as day students, limiting the area of intake and the girls that are able to attend.

Each school year sees many more applicants than can be accepted with current space and teaching limitations. A further 12 students have been admitted.  There is a great need and demand for this girls school to grow and succeed. Baghavan Dev has already proven his abilities to get such a school running successfully and now needs financial support to continue with his work.

In November 2013 a purpose built school building was completed for the girls, SNCP contributed to the costs of this building.  The new school building provides a much better classroom and outside environment for the girls learning.  The top photo shows the girls and teachers in front of this building during the visit by one of our trustees.

The latest report from Bhagavan Dev let us know that the boys that have just sat national exams have all passed with A grades, the first class of girls to sit national exams will do so next year, and he is expecting similar outstanding results given how bright and attentive the girl students are.

Any amount you feel you can donate, will help immensly in the lives of these children

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