Rahul, Sameeksha and Vikas

Vimala and her husband Manender migrated from Nepal in the late 1990’s; a common occurrence at the time among young couples looking for a better life. The couple now have three children, Rahul, Sameeksha and Vikas.

The life they dreamed of faded quickly,as the increasing hardship of their daily lives became a reality. Living away from the support of their extended families was difficult enough but Rishikesh had far fewer job opportunities for unskilled and uneducated workers than they’d imagined.

Since arriving in Rishikesh Manender has been unable to secure a steady job and although he works occasionally as a cash-in-hand driver, the money in his pocket is frequently spent on alcohol rather than on the family’s needs. He has far fewer prospects now that he is drinking heavily and when tensions flare up at home, he threatens to banish Vimala from the house.

Vimala has a small job in the village and the children depend on her earnings for their basic needs and education. She works incredibly hard and encourages the children to attend to their studies; she wants all of them to get a college education, possibly even go to university but on her limited income she is faced with choosing which of her children continues to receive a good education. All too often it is the daughters who are withdrawn from education to save money – or they are sent to schools further from home where the fees are lower and curriculum more basic.

Your support has helped us make sure all three children continue in their education, to as high a standard as possible. They are all doing well.

It’s amazing to see how this family has grown in just a year.



Sameeksha is in Grade 5 at an English Medium School. Maths is her favourite subject. She likes doing computer work, but would really like to be a dress designer.


Vikas is in 9th Grade. He’s good at science and maths. He loves to play volleyball.


Rahul is in 11th Grade, nearly finishing school. His dream is to go to a dancing academy in Mumbai after finishing 12th Grade. He works hard studying history and economics too.

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